The Breckenridge Animal Clinic

Serving Summit County Pets Since 1990

Trust Your Pet To Us

We understand how important your pets are to you and we strive to take the best care possible of our clients.

Complete Small Animal Vet Care

We offer a full range of small animal veterinary services, from preventative care to specialized surgeries.

Take Care of Those Pearly Whites

Did you know that dental care in animals is just as important as people? The BAC can help make sure your pet's pearly whites stay that way.

Orthopedic & Specialty Surgery

The BAC doctors can perform both TTA and TPLO surgeries as well as many other specialty orthopedic procedures. Keep your pet close to home during these delicate procedures.

Summit County’s Trusted Leader in Veterinary Care

From left to right: Dr. Caroline Cervelli DVM, Dr. Ed Hastain DVM/ Owner, Dr. Sophia Kalkstein DVM

The Breckenridge Animal Clinic is a full-service small animal veterinary clinic located in Breckenridge, Colorado. We are locally owned and operated and have been serving local pets since 1990.

As long-time locals, we understand the special concerns of animal ownership in the High Country. Our doctors take the time to get to know our clients personally and to provide veterinary care that is centered around the personal needs of each pet and their owner.

At the BAC we are dedicated to continuing education for our staff and to maintaining a state-of-the art facility with the latest advances in veterinary technology. We offer routine preventative care as well as surgery services, orthopedic surgery (including TTA and TPLO  surgeries), chiropractic care and emergency or after-hours care.

At the BAC, our clients are our number one priority!

Please contact us at 970.453.0821 for all your pet health care needs, or email us for more information.

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We are proud to announce that Breckenridge Animal Clinic has become certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice. To achieve this we have met standards for the facility, records, procedures and staff and doctor training. We understand that cats are different and try our best to accommodate the special needs of our feline patients. For additional information see the American Association of Feline Practitioners website,

Preventative Care

Proper annual care and vaccinations can prevent many long term problems.
canine xray breckenridge colorado


Breck Animal offers advanced diagnostic services including digital xray, ultrasound, lab and more.
canine dentistry breckenridge co


The BAC offers complete pharmacy and lab services for our clients.
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Canine Dentistry

We offer all ranges of dentistry services as well as oral surgery and extractions.
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Get fido back into alignment and adjust painful hip and back issues with canine chiropractic.
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Emergency Services

We collaborate with Summit County vets to provide 24-7 emergency care for the county.
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Permanent ID

Ensure your lost pet has the best chances of being found with microchipping done here.
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General Surgery

We offer generalized surgery services include spay and neuter for canine and feline clients.

Get Your Pup Back Out There!

If your dog is suffering from a torn ligament or other orthopedic ailment, we can help!

HEALTH WATCH: your dog ate what?!


  • When does a puppy or kitten start it's vaccinations?

    We recommend starting vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. We give them in a series 4 weeks apart so that your pet will have good immunity. A puppy or kitten would receive vaccinations at 8, 12, and 16. We give Rabies vaccinations at the time of your pet's 16 week vaccination. Vaccination boosters are done yearly with Rabies being every 3 years (dogs only) after the initial year booster.
  • Should I do a routine deworming on my pets?

    We recommend routine deworming and heartworm prevention year round. If you don't want to medicate your pet without knowing that she has worms we can do 3 consecutive fecal samples to prove whether or not she needs deworming.
  • What are heartworms and how can I protect my dog from getting them?

    Check out the heartworm page under Resources!
  • My cat stays inside all the time, does it need vaccinations?

    If you ever have a personal emergency where you have to board your cat or a medical emergency where your cat must be hospitalized, the unvaccinated cat will be vulnerable to any of the feline diseases. It may be even more susceptible than other cats since it has never been exposed to any type of disease. You can also unknowingly bring some viruses home on your clothing from a stray or other sick cat.
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