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Dr. Sophia and the staff at Breckenridge Animal clinic are truly exceptional. I rarely write reviews but thought the service and care we have received needed to be shared. We rescued kittens that were not in the best health when we got them but we wanted to give them a loving home and chance at life. Dr. Sophia and team have gone above and beyond to get to know our kittens, give them the best care possible, and the best chance at life. Unfortunately one of them passed away early on due to an unpreventable health issue. Dr. Sophia and staff did everything they could to go above and beyond to help the kitten and put her to rest with dignity. One of them even made us a casted paw print to remember our sweet kitten. Dr. Sophia has made herself available to address the kittens emergent health issues even when the clinic is fully booked and busy. She has made herself available by phone at anytime and encourages us to call with any issues. Dr. Sophia and staff have given these kittens almost as much love and care as we have. Your pets will be in the best care with the team at Breckenridge Animal Clinic.
Amber Parmet
11986594_1681147662114437_4267560653897334566_nOver the past 15 years Dr. Ed and the incredible staff at Breckenridge Animal Clinic have taken excellent care of my four-footed furry humans, which I fondly refer to as “My Kids” (Amber, Brandy, Cheyenne, Delaney, Alpine and Echo). I have complete trust in Breckenridge Animal Clinic with every aspect of “My Kids” health and well being. Dr. Ed and the entire Breckenridge Animal Clinic staff are always very caring and compassionate, especially through the tough times when any of “My Kids” have been sick or injured. The Breckenridge Animal Clinic has done so many wonderful things for “My Kids” over the years. For example, the times that Dr. Ed along with one of the staff made house calls to examine Cheyenne and Delaney’s new born puppies. Dr. Ed and the Breckenridge Animal Clinic staff are highly educated on state-of-the-art Veterinary medicine. I intend on having Dr. Ed and the incredible staff at Breckenridge Animal Clinic continue to take care of “My Kids”.
Mac Covey
~ Patrick Fitzgerald (Clover & Shamrock), Silverthorne COfitzy-clover
Thanks to the folks at Breckenridge Animal Clinic, a caring compassionate group of pet lovers!”
tucker-crop~ Melissa Burmeister (Tucker) Breckenridge, CO
Just wanted to let you know that I will be changing Vets. I have been unhappy with my current vet and Tucker is turning 12 this year and probably has cancer. :( I took him yesterday to BAC and I will never go back to the old vet. They provided such excellent service and care to Me and Tucky. Plus, they realize that he is turning 12 so the most important thing is to make him comfortable. Not spend $1000’s of dollars on trying to figure out what kind of cancer he has. I am glad you added BAC to facebook. Otherwise, I might not of thought about getting a second opinion.”
peyton~ Peyton Paul (Baxter & Princess) Breckenridge, CO
Dr. Ed were wonderful with my little pup Princess when she was hit by car. When one vet said that her life wasn’t worth saving, Dr. Ed stitched her back together so well she was back to her puppy self for another 5 years of a very playful life!”, 1
mantych~ Christine Mantych (Chloe) Breckenridge, CO
When we decided to leave Summit County, we were sad to think we had to find a new doctor for Chloe, our cocker spaniel. The staff at Breck Animal Clinic have to be the friendliest I’ve ever encountered. They are always pleasant and extremely helpful. Dr. Ed is great. He calmed down a hysterical dog mom when we couldn’t figure out what had happened to Chloe. Turns out we think she accidentally fell and hit her head while trying to jump on something when we weren’t home. Dr. Ed was calm, explained everything in lay terms and was incredibly gentle with Chloe. After we moved, the staff was very helpful getting all of the records transferred to the new vet. We would highly recommend Dr. Ed and all the staff at Breck Animal Clinic. We hope when we come back to Breck to visit we will not need to visit the clinic, but if we do, we know we will be in good hands.”
leanna~ Leanna Kerr (Col) Breckenridge, CO
Dr. Ed and the Breckenridge Animal Clinic took great care of my dog Col when he had ACL surgery in January of 2009. From beginning to end, along with little hurdles to jump, he and his staff were thorough and caring. They are an all around small town, back to the basics good clinic. I will continue to take Col and future pets to them as long as I live in Summit County.”
frankie_elyunque~ Justin Turri (Riley & Jonsey) Breckenridge, CO
I’ve taken several generations of dogs to Dr. Ed during my 12 years in Breckenridge. He took excellent care of my German Shephard Riley after he had to have speciality back surgery and we’ve taken all of our other dogs and cats to the clinic. I will always recommend the Breck Animal Clinic.”